How to Sharpen Scissors and Other Sewing Tools

sharpen scissors

Having sharp and well-functioning sewing scissors, rotary cutters, and other tools makes all the difference for successful sewing and craft projects. Dull blades can cause frustrating fabric fraying, inaccurate cuts, and even safety issues. Keep reading to learn key methods for sharpening your scissors, rotary cutters, and more at home. With some basic sharpening know-how, … Read more

How to Adjust Thread Tension on Your Sewing Machine

thread tension

Adjusting the thread tension on your sewing machine can seem confusing but it’s important for stitch quality. Ever dealt with messy loose stitches, puckered fabric, or thread breakage? These issues are often fixed with some tension tweaks! I’ll walk you through understanding tension, and signs you need adjustments, along with step-by-step instructions for dialing in … Read more

What is Hemming Gum?

hemming gum

Hemming gum is a natural, plant-based adhesive used to securely bind fabric edges, seal seams, laminate papers, and fabrics, and adhere to wood veneers. It creates a strong yet flexible bond and is valued for its longevity and moisture resistance compared to other glues. While traditionally used in sewing for hemming fabrics, modern innovations and … Read more

Sewing Terminology: 100 Sewing Terms & Phrases You Need to Know

sewing terms

This essential glossary of sewing terminology defines 100 must-know terms for both beginners and experienced sewers. Master specialized lingo covering everything from fabric types and tool names to patterns, seams, construction techniques, finishes, and garment care. Learn the precise vocabulary behind darts, pleats, grain perfection, blind hems, and more. A quick reference guide with clear … Read more

Why Use a Seam Ripper?

seam ripper

What is a Seam Ripper? A seam ripper is a small, knife-like tool used for picking out stitches and opening seams in sewing, crafting, upholstery, and other projects. It features a sharp, curved blade designed to slice through thread and fabric without damaging the underlying material. Seam rippers provide precision and control for removing stitches … Read more

A Complete Guide to Sewing for beginners

sewing for beginners

Learning how to sew opens up new creative possibilities and allows you to produce customized projects for yourself, your home, friends, and family. From clothing to decor and beyond, sewing is a valuable life skill as well as an enjoyable hobby. Reasons to Learn to Sew Here are just some of the many benefits and … Read more