15 Top Beginner Sewing Projects

Beginner Sewing Projects

Sewing can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby to pick up. However, when you’re just starting, figuring out what projects are beginner-friendly can be tricky. In this article, we will go over 15 of the best sewing projects for beginners, covering everything you need to know to get started. With just some basic sewing … Read more

Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Sewing can be a gratifying and relaxing hobby. However, finding the right sewing machine when you’re just starting can seem overwhelming given the variety of features and options available. The key is to find a user-friendly machine with versatile stitch options at a reasonable price point. Read on for what to look for as a … Read more

12 Must-Know Sewing Skill To Learn

Sewing Techniques

Sewing is a valuable skill that allows you to create and customize clothing and home goods. While learning to sew takes time and practice, mastering essential techniques opens up many possibilities for DIY projects. If you’re new to sewing, focus on building these fundamental abilities first before moving on to more advanced endeavors. Let’s review … Read more

Top 7 Great Sewing Tips You Never Knew

Top 7 Great Sewing Tips You Never Knew

Sewing can be frustrating when you don’t know some of the basic tips and tricks. From preparing your fabric properly to finishing seams, using the right tools and techniques makes all the difference. Read on for 7 great sewing tips to make your next project a success! Iron Everything Before Cutting and Sewing It may … Read more

How to Oil and Maintain a Sewing Machine


Proper oiling and maintenance help a sewing machine run smoothly and extend its usable lifetime. A well-cared-for sewing machine produces even, quality stitches and years of trouble-free service. Here is a step-by-step guide to oiling and maintaining your machine. Supplies Needed You don’t need much to keep your sewing machine running well, but having a … Read more

Sewing Machine Repair: How to Fix Common Issues

Sewing machines are a staple in the lives of tailors, fashion designers, and sewing enthusiasts alike. They allow us to create intricate designs and patterns on fabric quickly and efficiently. However, like any machine, sewing machines are susceptible to wear and tear, and over time they can develop problems that can impede their performance. We … Read more